Top 5 Reasons Why Open Offices Concept Are Better

Do you know one idea that Google, Twitter, Whole Foods, YouTube, and Red Bull all have in common? It’s the fact that those companies have great open offices. Although the idea of open offices could be quite contradictory, we could say that the approach to an unorthodox open office styles does create a better work environment. With that in mind, the employees will have a higher work-life satisfactory, which will result in higher productivity on their end.

Open Offices

On that note, why should you build or make a company with an open office layout? And what about the controversial ideas behind an open office? Well, I have created a compilation of the benefits of having an open office. So, if you are interested in what open offices could offer you and your company as a whole.

5 Reasons Why Open Offices Concept Are Better

1. Interaction Between Employees

With the idea of an open office layout coming to mind, it is more or less impossible for you to not communicate with the other employees. This will help you improve productivity by having a chance to brainstorm with your co-workers for a certain project or tasks. In addition, an open office doesn’t constrict you to just stay in one location or your own cubicle. If you are comfortable working on the sofa, go right ahead. In a way, you have the chance to build up your network and connections while also increasing teamwork, which might brush up your collaboration skills for future use.

2. Approachability

Without any barrier between you and the person next to you, it would be easier for you to socialize with others. I’m not saying that you should do it the whole time (except those of you with that job requirement), but also that it makes you seem more approachable for others if they need help or just want to talk to you. It does increase and strengthen the bond and trust between you and others, which gives a higher assurance for better work quality and of course, increase productive efficiency on your respective parts. This will also allow you to work closely with your superiors and will somewhat train you to be less intimidated with your higher-ups. I would say that this point is a hidden gem for increasing your productivity.

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3. Games and Relax Areas

This might be the most important point out of all. Although you have an open office space, it is very crucial that you supply anything that could make your employees’ work lives better. Some companies added a snack bar, others have an open mike stage while most may adopt the idea of having games and sofas at your office. It is very important for you to be aware that your employee’s lives matter too. Without anything that they could diffuse their stress with, they might not be able to perform well as how you expect them to be. Therefore, with the installment of a gaming station or working on the sofa, it will increase the contentment of everyone’s work life and health.

4. Headphones

Other than having a place for you to relax for a while, I would say that having your own personal space is also needed in an open office setting. This is where the headphones come in. For instance, if you are in dire need of concentration but the office seemed too much of a distraction to you, it is quite essential for you to use your own headphones. It is true that using headphones is the same as escaping from the real world but it won’t be the case in this kind of setting. Of course, the music you play might disconnect you with what is going on all around you but it does help you get your work done. So, bosses, please don’t restrict your employees from using headphones.

5. Jump-in Openly

For any of you who are new to open offices, I might mention that this point may assist you. I would say that it is the idea where there are no physical barriers between you and the others. In a way, this helps you to learn about the company’s culture and vibe quicker and also lets you absorb or observe the work ethic all around you. It is one of the greatest gifts of an open office and also an easier chance for you to prove your capability to others. Not only that this will let you grasp the whole idea of the company quicker, but it also gives you a shortcut to increase your productivity.

What Are Some Other Reasons Why Open Offices Are Better?

Hi everyone! As you could see, these are what I’ve seen as the benefits of an open office layout. For those of you who are considering to create an open office, this might help you with deciding what kind of space you are looking for or what additional areas you can include in your office.  Again it is highly important for you and your employees to have a balanced work-life, therefore please do take these points into consideration. For those of you who are currently working in an open office setting, what kind of relaxing areas or stations does your company supply you with? Please don’t hesitate to tell us below and share your opinion about open offices.