Moneycontrol Website Information – All in1 Guide

Moneycontrol The stock market is an important part of any person’s life who saves and invests money. Investors monitor and track the regular movements in the share price. In fact, without tracking the price movements, trading and investing in the share market is not possible.


Moneycontrol website is a very good platform that provides all the necessary stock market information to the users. Let us first start the article by knowing more about the history of Money Control.

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History of Moneycontrol

The website was first started by a team of husband and wife, Victor and Sangeeta Fernandes. In the year 2000, a subsidiary of TV18, E-Eighteen dot com bought the major stake in moneycontrol. The couple was given 7.5% of equity. Furthermore, with the course of time Reliance Industries acquired the Network 18 and TV18 group in 2014. Therefore, the current majority holders and owner of money control website is Reliance Industries.

Let us now understand the features and functioning of the website.

Moneycontrol Share Price

The most important aspect in the stock market is share price. With website and mobile application, the live share price can be seen easily. The following steps shall help the user to watch share price on website.

  • Enter the name of the stock in the search bar.As we can see in the above image that on typing GMR, the website suggests the name the stock.
  • Now just select the name of the company and click on it.

we can see that all the details including the share price are available on the website. All the necessary information like 52 weeks high and low, important news, financial statements, results, etc. can be seen on this page.

How to Login on Moneycontrol

Moneycontrol is the leader in providing stock market information. In fact, there is no one even close to it. Therefore, a person dealing with the stock market must make an account on the website. Below are the steps to sign up for the website.

Step 1: Click on the sign-up option on the website page.
Step 2: On clicking the sign-up option, a menu suggesting the different ways to open account on the website will pop up.
Step 3: On signing up the website you can create your portfolio and watchlist. In fact, by creating a portfolio you can monitor the value of your investments regularly. In addition, the watchlist maintains the list of stocks that you would like to track. Therefore, tracking share price movements on moneycontrol is simple and easy.

Most of the users on the website and application opt for adding stocks to the moneycontrol portfolio and moneycontrol watchlist option. In fact, with moneycontrol portfolio option you can put the details of all your holdings in the application with their price. In addition, when the market opens the portfolio values increases or decreases on the basis of price movements. Furthermore, regular traders and investors can keep track of live prices by adding stocks to the moneycontrol watchlist.

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Features of Moneycontrol Website


This is the default page of website. This page provides the latest market information and news. The summary of market action, global indices, most active stocks, top gainers, top losers and much more stock market information is available on this page.


The next segment on the website is News. On this page all the latest news is available. In fact, the news is not only related to the stock market but national and international news as well. Furthermore, there are various segments on the page for different news which the visitor wants to read like top news, latest news business videos, economic news, world news, mutual funds, personal finance and so on.


Market section is probably the most important section on the website. The people dealing in the stock market mainly use the website and application for the market section. This section presents the stock market news, quotes, top losers, top gainers, volume shockers, and many more things. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that a website is a complete portal for stock market followers. Furthermore, users can even know the information on individual stocks. In addition, the visitors to the website can know pre-market information, technical, earnings, IPO news and other market information.

Mutual Funds

The mutual fund segment on the moneycontrol website shows the different types of mutual funds. It shows the best mutual funds to buy. In fact, it suggests the visitors the Crisil rank along with monthly and yearly performance. The visitors just need to visit the page and find which mutual fund would suit their requirements.


Individual dealing in stock markets often trades in the commodity market. The commodity market is a market that trades in the primary economic sector like agricultural products, metals, oil, and gas, etc. The prices of commodities are available on the website. Therefore, if you are trading or investing in the stock market and also deal in the commodities market, website and application is the right place for you.