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4 Ideas to Use to Improve Your Dental Practice

Part of running a successful dentistry office is dental practice management. Management is going to cover customer service, marketing, billing, and any other service that is needed to run a successful dental practice. The biggest problem that most dental offices face is managing the business, all they do is focus on is taking care of the patients.

The first thing that you need to remember about dental practice management is that you must follow good business practices. The reason for that is that a dental office is just like any other business office, and if you do not have good business practices, your business is not going to succeed. To ensure that you are following good business practices you will want to make sure you have some specific systems in place before you open your dental practice to patients. The must have systems include appointment setting, billing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and patient record keeping. Without these systems, your dental practice will not run smoothly.

The next thing that you need to have in place for good dental practice management is a good office manager. Having a good office manager will help you put the systems you need in place, but they can also help your office run smoothly. Even if you have an office manager in place, you as the business owner will need to have a basic understanding of office management. You want to know how to interview and hire people, but how to compute payroll as well.

Another tip that you can follow is your customer service. You will want your office staff, whether it is the receptionist or the dental hygienist, you need to pay attention to how your customers are being treated. You and your staff need to have a great bedside manner, as well as great customer service skills because it can entice patients to come back or stay away. One way to enhance your customer service is to read as many articles as you can on customer service and make improvements as necessary.

The next thing that you should work on is your marketing; This should be one of your bigger goals because it will help determine how successful you are. When working on your dental marketing you will want to think of all the marketing techniques that your dental practice can successfully use. Some of the more popular ones you can choose from are direct mail marketing in the form of postcards, but you can also take out advertisements in local newspapers or pass out fliers around the neighborhood. Once you have thought of all the marketing techniques that would work for a practice you will want to choose the best ones.

When creating your marketing campaign you might want to consider using a dental practice consultant, but that does not always have to be the case. Just remember that when creating your marketing campaign you will want to include a variety of marketing techniques, including internet marketing to achieve the best results from the marketing campaign. The more people you are able to reach with your marketing campaign the more potential patients your dental practice will have.

Source by Tim Gregory

How Are Men Seeking Men at Free Gay Dating Sites?

Gay singles can easily, efficiently, and commodiously seek male love on free gay dating sites. There are countless free gay dating sites all through out the world. These services have helped so many gay singles to get married and settle into a relationship. It is not at all difficult to search out the best possible free gay dating site in the internet world. There are various gay dating sites who never charge a single penny for the registration but start charging as soon as you contact other gay members of the web site.

If you are tight on your budget and looking out for free gay dating services then you must search out for free personal gay web sites which allow two way free communication. This signifies that you will have free site registration as well as communication with other gay singles on such sites. You do not have to pay for nay services. These web sites earn money through the advertisements. The best part is that the gay members need not fill in any credit card information. You are allowed to find your gay soul mate at the comfort of your bedroom, living room and office place.

Gay marriages and relationships are really vernacular in USA. This beautiful country evidences many gay couples roaming here and there holding hands in hands together in the markets and streets. You do not have to go into the night clubs or bars to find your gay partners, simply log into online world and get what you want. These web sites offer various mind blowing services like instant messages and chats. This way you will get more familiar with the other gay members and can choose suitable partner for yourself. Joining up these dating sites is the initial step for the gays to seek romance. You are allowed to give advertisement about your self or upload you profile picture or an album to attract more gays towards you. Another way is to search the perfect gay matches on the site and send attractive messages to them.

You need not travel and tour to find your matches. Just sit in front of your computer screen, register yourself on a good gay dating website and find your mate. Famous gay personals web sites have thousands of gay singles for you. It is a recommended job. Hundreds of gays have found their perfect future gay partner on such web sites in the last few years. Are you ready and prepared to meet special gay men? Make an action now and fulfill your dream.

Important aspect to understand is that the internet word is full of scams. Therefore, it is on your part to enquire fully about the gay dating web site about which you are thinking of joining. Find the best site for yourself and fulfill your requirements. As an advice, you must register your profile on multiple sites together. This will yield better results. It will be right to say that the requests will flow like water.

Source by Jenny Willston

The Prostitution Racket

Although the middle-class has grown in Pakistan, nearly one-quarter of the population is classified poor as of October 2006. The girl child faces greater risks to survival, is more subject to violence and abuse, and has less access to education, proper nutrition and health services. The low status of children and women is a manifestation of low literacy levels, wide gaps between legislation and enforcement, and limited participation in civil society.

This brings us to the taboo topic of prostitution. We say that slavery has vanished from European civilization, but this is not true. Slavery still exists, but now it applies only to women and its name is prostitution (Victor Hugo). Who is a prostitute? According to the dictionary meaning, one who solicits and accepts payment for sex acts. A prostitute (tawaif, also called hooker, whore, hoe, street walker, sex worker or escort) is a person, most of the time a woman, who has sex with people for money.

Some countries have made prostitution illegal. Even still, some countries like Netherlands have made the same act legal and give licenses to people working under this profession.

Prostitution is sometimes called the “world’s oldest profession”. There have been stories of it in almost every culture and society. In the times of the British Raj, this act was considered respectable. The ‘tawaif’ of then was rich in etiquettes and principles. The focus was greatly on the singing and dancing. It was pure innocent entertainment. Rich nobles’ from all over the land would send their sons to these tawaifs, so they could learn manners and poise. Over the years, the innocent entertainment got side-tracked and a new generation of prostitutes emerged, who lacked the abilities to sing and dance and were only interested in making money for livelihood by selling their bodies.

After the partition in 1947, Pakistan inherited the historical red-light districts in Lahore and Multan including the infamous Hira Mandi and Shahi Mohalla area. These were well-developed areas and attracted both wealthy clients and those looking for singers and actresses. These set of people are very particular about their caste system. Those having knowledge and skills about the music and dance are called ‘mirasi’ and those who indulge in sexual activities are called ‘kanjars’. It is a great honor for a mirasi to marry in a pure mirasi family and a kanjar to marry in a pure blood of kanjars.

Pakistan is an Islamic country. Islam strictly prohibits the sex-trade due to the declaration of extramarital sex as an illegal activity. Prostitutes in the country, thus, operate underground and in spite of the legal difficulties, and contrary to popular belief, prostitution is thriving in the country. In Pakistan, prostitution was once associated with dark alleys and small red-light districts. Now, it is fast seeping into many neighbourhoods of the Muslim state’s urban centers’. It is time for all of us to admit that prostitution is doing a roaring trade within our own borders.

It is so common that girls are now auctioned. Some powerful men either arrange to marry the girl or just kidnap her and then sale her! Auctions of girls are arranged for three kinds of buyers: rich visiting Arabs (sheiks, businessmen, visitors, state-financed medical and university students), the rich local gentry, and rural farmers; all of whom get tired of their property soon and look for a new attraction.

The red light areas in big cities, specially Lahore became restricted, barren and were under continuous raids in the times of President Ayub Khan and then in the reign of President Zia-ul-Haq. In the beginning, this came as a ray of hope to eliminate prostitution from a pure land like Pakistan. But alas, the evil spread like fire from then onwards. The result was that these women just spread out in different parts of the city, making it harder to track them down. What did we achieve? A prostitute is no longer the one who lives in the slums such as the Shahi Mohalla. A girl who lives two streets from our house in DHA, Islamabad, is a prostitute. There is no criminal evidence against her, so you might as well mind your own business. There is no stopping to this business!

People consider it a disgrace to be associated to women like that and even then, we regularly find stories on how the most powerful people of our country travel all the way to such places to find the pleasure, they other wise would not be entitled to.

We have to understand that it’s not totally the prostitutes who are wrong. We are equally responsible for their ‘careers’ and conditions. They are not given any option, any chance to become one of us. They are not provided with equal opportunities. It’s not the liability of a child who is born in the house of a prostitute. Whether they like it or not, they have to do the same business. Why, because it’s ‘their’ societal pressure, it’s the only way they can earn a living, because it’s the wish of their mother and father (if they know him). They have to obey their folks and not complying with the wishes of your parents is considered as disregard. Those coming in our society will not be accepted and instead they will have to fall back on drying their stomachs till death.

The more talented tawaifs have their aim to enter into the film industry. Once they do get a break, they deny any relation to their original place of birth in the fear of not being accepted, regardless of their pious character. Officially it is illegal, but unofficially it is tolerated. Many times, when a righteous SSP is appointed, a customary raid is carried out to round up a few pimps and a few women, but they are released after a night or two and everything goes back to normal.

In a survey, I found out that ninety-five per cent of the teenage prostitutes in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore were sexually abused by their close relatives, friends and teachers before they adopted the profession of granting sexual favors for payment. In sharp contrast to the common assumption that prostitutes normally belong to the uneducated segment of society, the survey has also found that 74 per cent of them were undergraduates.

The prostitutes presented in the Bollywood and Lollywood films are actually quite opposite from the reality. There are some prostitutes who charge high and like to be referred as ‘call-girls’, the more modern term. But in the same society, there are prostitutes who work for Rs. 10-20. This is the level of illiteracy and poverty. The level of abortions for these women touches the sky as well. They do not indulge in any wooing activities and ‘get to the business’ immediately. This also increases the level of diseases. HIV aids and Syphilis are the most common diseases transmitted through sex. And there is no cure to it unless counselling and awareness is available.

Clause 6 of the millennium development goals (MDG’s) of the UN focuses on how to stop/ prevent the spread of HIV Aids. If any one of the clause in the MDG fails, the whole project is considered to be a failure. Recognizing the importance of this is the first step. Every possible effort should be made to re-enact a sense of humanity and ethics. Awareness should be created. If we can not eradicate it, at least we can try to subdue it.

On May 1998, a Pakistani woman was threatened by the Supreme Court to severe punishment, if she did not allow to her ex-husband to have sex with her, whenever he wanted. Although she was remarried then, the Court of Pakistan disbanded any respect to her happy married life. What right do we have to judge the prostitutes when the law makers of the country are being insensible on their decisions? Why should a woman have extramarital affair when it is clearly not allowed in Islam or anywhere else? Is it morally, socially and ethically correct?

The activity of song and dance, as practiced in the Shahi Muhallah and many other places for that matter, facilitates the act of prostitution. In the olden days, singing and dancing and the ‘entertainment’ must’ve have been the main focus for such activities. But there is no denial to the fact that all of these contribute in enticing a man to get him to pay more. From amongst these men, there is at least 50% ratio of those who pay even more to get the sexual pleasures. We have to understand that the prostitutes will continue to increase in number a long as they stay in business, as long as there are customers. The basic economic concept applies here: supply is equal to demand. I will end my article on the lines of Don Quixote:

“Sanity may be madness but the maddest of all is to see life as it is and not as it should be.”

Source by Arooj Fatima

Selling Unwanted Cars Can Earn You Some Cash

To some people, cars are more a necessity than a luxury. It is something more than a mere transportation. If you possess an automobile, you can save your time and money. Travelling with your own car is quite a fun and you can enjoy your trip in a hassle-free manner. You can go out whenever you want. But, as you purchase a vehicle, greater responsibilities also lie to you. You have to take care of your automobile and also have to maintain it by servicing on a regular basis. If you hire a chauffeur, then you have to pay him well.

On the other hand, when your car gets old or junk and when it becomes unserviceable, it becomes useless. That time you can think of buying a new automobile in exchange of the old one. But, if your vehicle is not in a good condition, then it will be quite hard to find a potential customer for it.

Vehicles become unusable for certain reasons. Cabs, which are more than ten years old can create many problems while travelling. They need servicing and repairing almost every week. The cars which are damaged in any accident or the cabs, which have got some irreclaimable dents or scratches can also be considered as worthless and unwanted vehicles.

There was a time when people had to throw their scrap cars in the junkyard. But time has changed and today, you can find several companies who can offer you a good deal of cash for cars.

But certain conditions are applicable there. These services don’t take all kinds of useless cabs. They generally check out the license or the valid authorization of the automobile and also evaluate its current condition.

You can think that what these services do after they take the scrap cars. They disassemble the dilapidated fiacres in order to take out the scrap metals from the spare parts. This is a part of the automobile recycling procedure which helps to keep the environment clean and also plays a significant role in social responsibility.

Most of these companies have their own websites, through which you can contact them. You can call up their number or can send email to them. You can also assess their quality and can also check out their previous success.

Certain benefits of hiring the cash for cars services are –

Time, money and effort saving

You don’t have to go out and sell your vehicle. They will send vans to take your car from your home. You don’t have to make extra expenses of transportation.

Keeping the atmosphere tidy

The dirt and dust of a useless cab are harmful for the residents. Selling the vehicle can help to make the ambience cleaner.

Source by Luther Martin

Make Money With Google – Post Links on Google and Earn Lots of Money!

The search engine generation is expanding in a big way. People are getting richer with each passing day just by posting links on Google. There is dilemma among the people regarding how to make money with Google. Making money with it sounds interesting as host of FAQs are fired upon us asking about the credibility of this practice. The process to make money with Google seems to be a lucrative and flexible approach in terms of earning big bucks.

Google has become a household name by introducing ad sense. It came as a constant source of earnings for many who can now log onto his or her computer and start making money.

What is AdSense?

It is the latest advertising software launched to earn more money out of it. Website owners as well as blog owners can monetize their site by enrolling in this program, which is free of cost. They allow text, image and lately video advertisements. The ads which will be flashed at their website and blogs are administered by major search engine. If someone clicks these sponsored ads, it generates revenue which is later shared with the website owner. That’s how links on Google became a money-generating machine. Most advertisers are investing lots of money in online medium because of the high rate of traffic. According to a survey about 80 percent of US population stay online throughout the day.

If you don’t have a website or a blog, you needn’t worry much as you can create one very easily. After creating your own website or a blog, you can easily monetize them by using ad sense and make money with Google.

You post links on Google by creating articles for your site. You should always give a suitable title in order to get picked by search engine thus inviting more traffic to your site. After it recognizes your article, your site will automatically pick up lots of links based on the keywords of article. Mostly people who visit your article would hunt for getting more information about the related topic and they finally ends up clicking the links on Google and that’s how you can get your share.

Source by Luke Cambell

Getting Paid for Taking Surveys Online – Facts and Figures

How Big Is The Online Surveys’ Industry?

Online marketing that results in getting paid for online surveys is a big industry in itself. It is estimated that around $250 billion are spent on online marketing every year and 3 times that money is invested in market research yearly. There are over 7 million companies that actively survey the consumers to find ways to launch and promote their products. There are hundreds, of surveys available every day and it will only increase with time.

Who pays for and sends these online surveys?

Instead of launching a new untested product or service, companies are willing to pay for online paid surveys by gathering opinions of consumers that helps them to redesign if need be, or improve their product or service prior to releasing it for sale. Thus such companies reach out to a group of people who match the user profile and send them products and services to test. Or send questionnaire or take online surveys to know the preferences of consumers. The person who has been chosen or agrees to take these surveys gets paid for doing so.

How does having a computer and access to internet help?

The Internet has resulted in a revolution of paid online survey databases. If one has Internet access and is connected to the world, it provides you with the opportunity to make money online by completing surveys for companies that need your opinion from home! these companies send out surveys to your mailbox. You just need to check your inbox, pick the surveys you want to take and send them after completing it. Internet has made it a lot faster, economical and effective.

What is the procedure to take online surveys?

Register with companies looking for people to take online surveys for their products. Check out their policies. Register with as many of them as you can. And you will start getting surveys from them and eventually you will start getting paid for taking online surveys.

The Simpler Option

The easier option is to register with companies who are specifically affiliated to these online survey companies and have an online survey database. Once you register yourself with this outfit, you won’t need to go searching for companies and spending time checking and finding out about their payment and other policies individually. You will need to pay small fee to such outfits which is worth it, considering you are saving so much time and energy.

How long does it take to fill out surveys?

Considering your typing and thinking speed is average, it shouldn’t take you more than 15-20 minutes to do one survey. Focus groups are another type of surveys which is like participating in online discussion, brain storming kind of interactive session, which last for about 30-40 minutes. For participating as Focus Group Member you are paid more than you are paid for taking online surveys. One makes anywhere between $5 to $150 per survey or focus group discussion.

Do I pay taxes on this income?

Oh yes! You receive this money through check and fair medium therefor you can’t evade taxes at all if you fall in the tax paying bracket. It also has a lot to do with tax laws in your country/area. You will usually be considered an independent consultant for tax purposes when participating in surveys and focus groups.

Is there a limit on number of surveys can one take in a day?

No. As long as you are abiding by rules of the company. One survey requires at least 500 participants for accuracy purpose. Scope thus is wide.

Any special requirement to take online surveys?

Access to internet, computer at home, preferably (so that you don’t have to commute) and you got to be 18 years old.

Rough estimate of the money you can make taking online surveys:

One survey @ $20 per survey will make you $600 every month. Participating in one Focus Group per week @ $150 per Focus group will earn you the same amount. And $1200 for doing all the above which will take not more than 30 hours in a month! Working for 30 hours in a month for $1200? Not a bad deal. That too when you are getting the comfort of working from home. So register yourself with online surveys and start getting paid.

Source by Purva Iyengar



World economies have recognized Information Technology as an effective tool in catalysing the economic activity in efficient governance and in developing human resource. They have made significant investments in it and successfully integrated it with the development process, thereby reaping the benefits to their society. In India also, these developments have affected the industrial, education, service and Government sectors and their influence on various applications is increasingly being felt of

As the era of digital economy is evolving, the concept of governance has assumed significant importance. The e-Governance has subsequently become an accepted method involving the use of Information Technology in improving transparency, providing information speedily to all citizens, improving administration efficiency and improving public services such as transportation, power, health, water, security and municipal services.

India has been harnessing the benefits provided by the Information & Communication
Technologies to provide integrated governance, reach to the citizens faster, provide efficient services and citizen empowerment through access to information. The aim is to redefine governance in the ICT age to provide Smart Governance. Several significant initiatives have been taken at the Center and the State level in this direction. At the Central level, the government has intensively promoted the use of IT in managing
its internal processes and has drawn up a 'Minimum Agenda of e-Governance'. The
Ministries / Departments have provision of 2 to 3 percent of their annual budgets to be sent on IT related activities.

The Government has empowered IT Act 2000, which provides legal status to the information and transactions carried on the net. Several State Governments have also taken
various innovative steps to promote e-Governance and have drawn up a roadmap for IT implementation and delivery of services to the citizens online. The applications that have been implemented are targeted towards providing G2B, G2C and B2C services with emphasis on use of local language.


As part of the increased stress on e-Governance, Ministry of Communications &
Information Technology, Department of Information Technology, Government of India
has set up a Center for e-Governance (CEG) at its premises – Electronics Niketan in New Delhi.The Center, first of its kind in the country,
showcases several e-Governance applications and solutions that have been successfully completed
deployed in various states and offers such other services like technical consultation, proof of concept and thematic presentations. Conducting programs for creating awareness among decision makers in the Center and State Governments and helping them in defining and
implementing process and policy changes for effective e-Governance are other important
objectives of the Center.The primary activities of the Center are:

o To showcase the best practices in the area of ​​Electronic Governance, which would
encompass technology, processes as well as public policies

Conduct programs for creating awareness among decision makers in the Central and state Governments

Demonstrate the feasibility of Electronic Governance to decision makers through
workshops, demonstration programs, video / teleconferencing, etc.

Help the Central and State Governments in refining and implementing process and policy changes

To enrich the repository of best practices through continuous interaction with subject matter experts from India and abroad.

The Center also draws upon leading companies, technical institutions and business partners in India and abroad and help initiate projects to address specific needs. The Center continues to establish strong links with similar institutions worldwide to enrich the repository of best practices through interaction and


3.1 Bhoomi (Land Records)

Bhoomi is a self-sustainable e-governance project for the computerized delivery of 20 million rural land records to 6.7 million farmers through 177 Government owned kiosks in the Indian state of Karnataka, which has eliminated red tape and corruption in the issue of land title records , and is fast becoming the backbone for reliable IT-enabled Government services for the rural population.

3.2 Stamps Registration and Archiving (SARITA)

The Stamps and Registration Department of a State is typically one of the top revenue earners for any Government. Stamp & Registration software provides efficient government citizen interface, and also enables enhanced revenue earnings for the Stamps and Registration operation. The heart of this application consists
of the Registration and Valuation module. Other modules are the Networking and Scanning modules that enable exchange of information securely across departments, and "electronic copying" of the registered documents theby enabling returning the original document within few minutes of presentation.

3.3 Versatile Online Information for Citizen Empowerment (VOICE)

Municipalities have a challenging task of providing various kinds of citizen services.VOICE caters to these challenges through the use of state-of-the-art information technology.In addition to computerization of the day-to-day operations, VOICE also provides a powerful Community and empowers the citizen. This application ensures a quick, transparent and efficient administration at a lower operating cost
with increased revenue collections.

3.4 e-Seva

eSeva is the first-of-its-kind of service in the country, providing a wide spectrum of citizenfriendly services that save citizen the bother of running around various departments. The services provided are Payment of Utilities Bills, Registration of Birth / Death, Issue of Birth / Death certificates, Permits / Licenses, Reservations etc.
There are 35 eSeva centers (with 280 service counters) spread over the Twin Cities and
Ranga Reddy District.

3.5 Gyandoot

Gyandoot is an intranet in the tribal district of Dhar in Central India connecting rural Cybercafes catering to the everyday needs of the masses. It is a community-based, highly costeffective and financially self-reliant approach to bringing the benefits of Information Technology to the doorsteps of tribal villagers. The objective of the Gyandoot project has been to establish a community-owned, innovative and sustainable
information technology project in the most poverty stricken and tribal dominated rural
areas. The project is designed to cater to social, economic and development needs of the
villagers through an innovative G2C model.There are around 1600 villages in Dhar district and 80 information kiosks / cyber offices (Soochanalayas). Each kiosk caters to about 25 to 30 villages. The entire network of 31 kiosks covers 311 Panchayats (village committees), over 600 villages and a population of around half a million (nearly 50% of the entire district).

3.6 e-Choupal

Started by ITC's international Business Division as a cost-effective alternative supply chain system to deal directly with the farmer to buy products for exports is getting converted into a meta market for rural India. The tobacco giant
has already set up over 700 choupals covering 3,800 villages in four states

– which include Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Andhra

Pradesh – dealing with products ranging from soya bean, coffee, aquaculture and wheat.

3.7 VidyaVahini

This portal provides the opportunity for schools, teachers and students all across the nation to express and share their creative and academic potential via the internet. The portal aims at creating such an environment by providing facilities for content development, content deployment and collaboration. Shiksha India – a
non-profit organization – is working in partnership with the Ministry of Information
Technology in the project Vidya Vahini and Ministry of Human Resources under the CLASS scheme, which aims to connect 60,000 schools (approximately 20 million students) across the country in the next five years.

3.8 Aarakshi

Aarakshi is an intranet-based system for the Jaipur City Police to facilitate FIRs, criminalsrecords, vehicle thefts, missing person's records etc. It is like a private & closed user group accessible to only authorized personnel. Its potential users are all field level officers of the city like police station, circle officers SP and even district collector.

3.9 Webciti

WebCITI (Web based Citizen-IT Interface) is an e-Governance project for building citizen-IT interface for services offered by district administration at Fatehgarh Sahib in Punjab. It provides a web-based interface to citizens seeking services from district administration and provides complete workflow automation in District Commissioners office. It is information distribution system designed to facilitate public to get information about various government schemes such as eligibility criteria, procedures, contact addresses, downloadable forms etc. These include issue of certificates
such as death / birth, caste, rural area etc., licenses such as arms license, permission for
conferences / rallies etc., benefits from socioeconomic schemes etc. The information about
various schemes and procedures, status of an application etc. can be found through the web Interface available at the intranet counters at developmental block / revenue tehsil and kiosks.

3.10 Drishtee

Drishtee is a unique socio-technological effort towards creating an information backbone in Indian Villages. Drishtee is a limited limited company providing IT enabled, fee based services to villagers through community owned kiosks. It is a platform for rural networking and marketing services for enabling e-governance, education, health and allied IT based services. The services it enables include access to government programs & benefits, market related information and private information exports & transactions.


Government has taken as a policy to promote e-governance initiative to
ensure transparent, speedy and responsive delivery of government services to the
citizens. E-governance initiatives were taken in major departments like Registration,
Revenue, Transport, etc. The Electronic Delivery of Services (EDS) is receiving a lot
of thrust. The payment of utility payment service charges of TNEB, Metrowater and
Chennai Corporation can be affected through the EDS centers. To promote egovernance
in the Government during 2004-05, a sum of Rs.2357.52 lakhs has
was provided in the State Budget under Part-II (new) schemes for 2004-05 of which
Rs.1836.52 lakhs is provided under Plan schemes and Rs.521 lakhs under Non-
Plan towards hardware and software for the Departments of Commercial Taxes,
Registration, Treasuries & Accounts, Survey & Settlement, BC & MBC, Town and
Country Planning & Adi-Dravida Welfare, etc.

4.1 Tamil Nadu e-governance Mission:

As part of the increased stress on e-governance, IT department is setting up
an e-governance Director exclusively to work on the Policy and Planning of
Information & Communication Technology initiatives of the Government and also to
augment the e-Governance initiatives and projects of the Government of Tamil
Nadu. As a first initiative, e-governance cell at ELCOT in the name
and style of "TN e-governance Mission", is formed which will form a part of the
Directorate later. TN e-governance Mission, from its inception has been
scouting around for the best e-governance practices world over for adoption in the
e-governance project initiatives of the Government to provide electronic delivery of
services to the citizen at a reasonable cost and for improvement of Government –
Citizen Interface.

The Tamil Nadu Government has decided to give a major push to its e-governance initiatives. Beside constituating panels at three different levels for implementation of the National e-Governance Action Plan (NeGAP), it is also planning to appoint a consultant to conduct a study and prepare an information and communication technology (ICT) roadmap for e-governance.

Beside floating a global tender for appointment of the consultant, the government has instituted a State Apex Committee (SAC) that will extend and provide policy direction to NeGAP and ensure inter-ministerial co-regulation.

There will be a State e-Governance Group (SeG) to provide overall direction, standardization and consistency through program management of e-governance initiatives of the state.

The SAC will be headed by the Chief Secretary, with Information Technology secretary as the Chief Information Officer and the Managing Director of Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu (ELCOT) as the member secretary.

The SeG will have the Development Commissioner and Principal Secretary (Finance) as the chairman and the director of the to-be created director of e-Governance as the member secretary. The IT secretary, who will also be a member of the SeG, will have the lead role in advising the government on IT trends and also coordinating technology utilization

The deputy director general of the National Informatics Center (NIC) will also be a member of the SeG to provide technology expertise and to monitor new technologies, including evaluating their potential to use in the e-governance program.

The SeG will function as a permanent advisory body to develop and implement processes for management of programs like conflict management, audits, knowledge management, financial management, risk management, and project planning and monitoring, including institutionalizing e-governance processes and tools.

The e-governance groups will also be set up at state government department levels, with the secretary of the department concerned as the chairman, to help the departments prepare detailed project reports, business process re-engineering, change management, financial sustainability, technology expertise and manage implementation of the project.


5.1 TamilNadu InfoSystem on Land Administration and Management (Tamil NILAM):

TamilNILAM is an important e-governance initiative of Government of TamilNadu. All the taluk offices in TamilNadu have been provided with computers under this program.

The major applications on these systems are,

§ Land Records
§ Old Age Pension Management
§ Certificates Management
§ Public Grievances Redressal
§ Personnal and Payroll system

At present twenty nine taluks were provided with the touch screen for the public use. The services offered by it are,

Land owners can view their own Land ownership and can also obtain a copy of Chitta Exact.

Birth and Death certificate particulars can be viewed and a copy of the certificate can also be obtained.

Old age pension details can also be maintained in it.

The welfare Scheme of the Revenue Department are explained with the details for availing these services and the benefits.

5.2 Simplified and Transparent Administration of Registration (STAR):
Simplified and Transparent Administration of Registration is a Citizen-centric application which has been implemented at 300 sub registrar office in TamilNadu. With the computerized system the issue of Encryption certificate has become quicker and easier. The documents are scanned and archived. The Data will be maintained in Tamil.

The Application software was developed by NIC TamilNadu state Unit with the active involvement of the team from Registration Department. The hardware procurement and installation has been carried out by the ELCOT.

5.3 Treasury Computerization:

The Treasury computerization is one of the earliest e-governance project developed for the Government of TamilNadu. Now the system is used in the following offices,

§ 29 District treasuries

§ 205 sub treasuries

§ 7 pay and accounts office

§ Pension Pay office, Chennai

The Daily transaction is captured in batch mode at sub treasuries and consolidated at the district treasuries. The monthly account prepared using the system by the district treasuries, pay and accounts department are submitted to the AG's office.

6. Conclusion:

Although e-government has been around since the 1990s, many developing countries have not fully reaped its benefits because they lack the key conditions for it to thrive:

· Healthy political and regulatory environments,

· Well-developed IT infrastructure, and

· A large pool of Internet users.

Skeptics believe that e-government is not an appropriate tool for low-income countries with limited technical capacity. But some developing countries, such as India, have successfully implemented e-government in certain areas, despite thiscoming.

Source by Thara Radhakrishnan

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